Metal Detecting tips – part 1

Tip number one – expect to find more trash than treasure

Many people who buy a metal detector think that as soon as they start detecting they are going to find great treasures. Everyone who’s already started detecting can tell you that 95% of what you find is going to be trash, you may be very lucky but if you are very patient the treasure will come, just don’t expect it on day one.

With patience, eventually the treasure will come, the more you metal detect the more treasure you’re going to find as you get used to your equipment

Tip number two – the more your metal detect the more you are going to find

If you go out for an hour and you’re getting bored because you don’t find anything special then that’s just an hour’s searching. If you do four or five hours you’ve got four or five times more chance of finding treasure.

It can be difficult I know, people might look at us swinging a coil around and digging little holes thinking it’s very easy, but, it’s actually tiring, it’s hard work, it’s thirsty work but the more you do it the more you’re going find, you just have to persevere.

Tip number three – dig everything if you are new to metal detecting

When you’ve been doing it a while you get used to the signals, you know if it’s trash you know if it’s not. You know if it’s iron, you know if it’s going to be a nail or a coin. You know the difference because of experience but when you are new to the hobby just dig everything. It will get you used to your machine, you’ll get to know the different sounds of the machine and what it sounds like in the earphones.

The loudness helps, if it’s on the surface it can be very loud and if it’s very deep it can be very quiet but you get used to it and the only way to master it and get confident in metal detecting is to dig everything for your first month or two or until you’re really comfortable and you know your machine well.